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“While it is noble to assist a stricken elephant in rising, it is foolhardy to catch one that is falling down.”

- Vietnamese proverb

Fall Meeting

Sept. 17, 2018

Texas Ethics
Dr. Donald Knox

Kilgore College

4 hrs CE


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Chapter Officers

The officers of the PWCA provide leadership and represent the membership in managing the business of the Association. Elections are held at the Spring meeting based on nominations from the membership and a slate of officers presented by the Nominations Committee. Members are encouraged to volunteer for nomination to any position in which they are interested.
Jennifer Quine, President

President - Jennifer Quine

The President presides over all meetings, general and Executive Committee, appoints committee chairpersons, and provides overall leadership for the Association.

Kacy Rodgers, President-Elect

President-Elect - Kacy Rodgers

The President-Elect plans and implements arrangements for the Association's meetings. She also presides over meetings if the President is unable for any reason.

Ron Smith, Secretary

Secretary - Ron Smith

The Secretary keeps official minutes of the general and Executive Committee meetings and provides copies for approval. Correspondence of the Association is also the responsibility of the Secretary.


Treasurer - Donna McFarland

Financial operations of the Association, including deposits and disbursements, are managed by the Treasurer. She also provides financial reports at the regular meetings and at the end of the year.

Karen Linstrum, Senator

Senator - Karen Linstrum

The Senator serves a three-year term and represents the PWCA at the governing body of the Texas Counseling Association. In addition, she keeps the membership advised on TCA and legislative matters.

Kristy Cameron, Reporter

Reporter - Kristy Cameron

The Reporter maintains the history of the Association and takes photographs to document events. She also provides information to local media concerning PWCA meetings and news.

Sarah Radulescu, Parliamentarian

Parliamentarian - Sarah Radulescu

The immediate Past President serves as Parliamentarian and is designated as the Alternate Senator in case of the Senator's absence.